Book Studio


Founded in 2007, Book Studio’s mission is to publish materials derived directly from the teachings of G. Gurdjieff with a particular emphasis on his own writings; transcripts and notes recorded by those present at his meetings, talks and lectures; and the writings of his direct students, with the specific aims of facilitating their use in the practice of the Work; to preserve these important works in all formats: hardcopy books, eBooks and audiobooks; and to keep them in print and available at all times for present and future generations.

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The buyer will receive:

  • Source materials from various archives around the world: Library of Congress, Yale University, University of Delaware, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, University of California Berkeley, etc.
  • Scans of papers, microfilms, and photographs
  • InDesign packages and fonts to publish new and updated editions
  • The domain name, website assets, WordPress templates etc.
  • Facebook, Twitter and Instagram social media accounts
  • Unlimited good-will from the founder to develop and grow the catalogue and to learn how to acquire, prepare and publish new material
  • Work on all three lines simultaneously

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