The Academy For Souls

The Academy For Souls The Academy For Souls
John O’Hara Cosgrave

ISBN: 978-0-9559090-9-2
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Book Studio
Publish Date: 2013
Pages: 346
Size: 5.5″ x 8.5″

What are we here for?
Who set up the Earth and the Sun?
How did we get to be what we are?
What is life for or about?

The Academy for Souls offers a rational philosophy, a new conception of life and eternal verities at a time when the character of the universe is every man’s guess, and the old moorings are adrift.

The Academy for Souls was inspired by the author’s association in the 1920’s and 30’s with A. R. Orage’s Fourth Way study group in New York, based on the teachings of Gurdjieff. The themes in the book are strongly influenced by, and connected with, Gurdjieff’s Beelzlebub’s Tales to his Grandson.

The author sets out to prove in mechanistic terms the reality of the soul and the inevitability of God. He does not write in the symbols of faith or the intricate formulas of science. Rather, he proves that the human race is more important in the great scheme of things than it has ever thought or claimed to be.

The Academy for Souls is not a sentimental book. Its main argument leans neither towards revelation or theology, but attempts to demolish the dogmatism of current science with clarity and humor. It is designed for the layman. To the believing reader, it offers new light on the problems of human existence and a common sense philosophy; to the skeptic, it presents a definite and aggressive challenge.

A book for everyone who is puzzled by new cults, creeds, beliefs and unbeliefs – a harbor in the uncharted seas of current thought.

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